So many words of substance that begin with the prefix, RE and when you see them in one place, you REALLY get a sense just how PROFOUND it can be. 

As we all progress through life, we make meaningful CHANGES. Some are by choice and of course, some are forced. Either way, our RESPONSIBILITY to us is to embrace the CHANGES and make them work in some positive way. CHANGE can IMPACT us in so many ways and often they will INFLUENCE others as well, so it’s critical that we all pay attention to the RESOURCES we have, RESPECT them as they offer all of us an OPPORTUNITY to REVERSE a DECISION and REACT with REAL substantial REASONS that allow us a RELEVANT course of action. What will move us forward? 

What will make a difference?

The determinations we make should be based on RESEARCH. If you are having difficulty, REBOOT, take a step back, process what is happening, REFLECT and REGAIN your core. RECONCILE with your doubt and REPLACE it with CONFIDENCE. 

Sometimes it’s good to pull away and RENEW. We all need time to be REMINDED what’s behind us so we can REPLACE old thoughts for new ones. I am a fan of MINDFUL RECRONSTRUCTION. REMEMBER, you are in control of your thoughts. They belong to you; RESPECT and learn from them. REACH for the stars in all that you do. Don’t feel trapped by REGULATING all that you do and think. On the contrary, find something ORGANIC in the process and RECREATE the plan. Don’t RESIST change – It will get in the way of REDISCOVERY and that will slow you down. RECOGNIZE what you must do and do it. Be RESILLIANT and find the PREFIX that helps you REDIFINE who you are.

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