When you’re a college student thinking about a career or if you are a mid or senior level executive thinking about making a career change you want to end up in a quality place that offers not only a meaningful work experience and a road to success, but a place where you are valued, respected and provided an opportunity to make a difference. Something that feels ‘right’.

In order to achieve happiness in your work environment, it’s essential that the people you engage with are first rate, upstanding with good work ethics and principled. Simply put, nice people will and can make a difference in what your experience will be like on a daily basis. It should allow you to be more productive. Nobody needs the drama. Drama just gets in the way and slows everything down. It’s counter productive and a huge waste of time. That is although never absent, but minimized when you work with good peeps.

The goal is to contribute, make an impact and know that what you are doing is significant. Establish a comfort zone. Assimilate with your team. Make friends. Find your rhythm. Create a place that wants you and know that you want to be there. The best careers and workspace should feel comfortable. It should fit like custom made clothing. It should feel good every day. If you can achieve this at work – You have done well. Work can and does function best when the team feels good about being there.  Remember when you like what you do, it’s called ‘HAPPINESS’ and when you are not happy where you work, it’s called ‘STRESS’. It’s like a second home and we all know there’s no place like home.

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