Nobody in their right mind likes to sit in traffic. Must be one of the worst wastes of time you can possibly imagine. Traffic Jams, in a single word are frustrating. It can test our patience and tolerance level. And the longer you sit, the more annoying it becomes. Typically, you sit and begin to consider why nobody is moving and how late you are going to be. All that does is elevate your BP!

Irritating, aggravating, exasperating and a total waste of time….but as you sit there you recognize that when you do get to your destination, this will provide some relief and hopefully some pleasure. Afterall, there is a reason why you are sitting in the traffic – You have some place to go.

Might be some kind of hazard in the way. A stalled car, too many cars, bad weather, bad drivers, construction, rush hour, distracted drivers are some of the causes of traffic. And again, all you can do is wait it out.

Your career path isn’t much different. With rare exception, the road from one job to the next will always be jammed. Competition, tight marketplace, too many candidates looking for the same job as you, lifestyle changes, a more discerning process are some of the reasons why you can sit on the job line and feel jammed. That traffic is tough to manage and as you feel that frustration, there is little you can do. You have no control over this type of traffic……or do you?

A good career coach is your GPS. They can help you plan. They can help you find alt routes. They can help map out a strategy, providing some method to achieve your objectives and reach your goals. A good career coach can deliver a blueprint, a master plan, some mechanism that gets you from one place to another. A good career coach helps reduce the anxiety of being stuck in traffic. There will always be speed bumps. The question is how will you manage this freeway? Diverting, avoiding the roadblocks, looking for an appropriate detour, creating a good bypass is what a good career coach will do. They help you prepare, and it will feel good as you accelerate.

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