Last week, I posted the blog called, ‘What Have You Got to Lose’ and from that comes a bit of a sequel. Afterall, if you don’t TRY, how can you even consider what you do have to lose?
At every stage of life, we are confronted with TRY. Elementary or pre-school pushes you, in a good way, to TRY things. How can you learn if you don’t TRY? How can you break out if you don’t TRY. As a kid, I was a pretty fussy eater. I have both fond and so fond memories of my parents coaxing me to TRY the green stuff and I wasn’t buying in on that. Vegetables – Not happening. I simply refused to TRY.
Life moves past the comfort zone when you TRY something new. We are instinctively a curious breed. It’s human nature to explore and discover. The fun, the excitement, the challenge, the gift is looking for something different to TRY.
Go ahead, TRY it on for size.
Looking at the unfamiliar, the unknown can be unsettling or even for some, scary, but if you don’t make the effort, if you don’t give ‘it’ a whirl – There isn’t any satisfaction. There isn’t success. There isn’t the reward. When you do bust out and TRY and modify the road less traveled, you begin to see fulfillment and what once seemed alarming suddenly feels pretty good. TRY will boost your confidence. TRY will add reassurance to your day-to-day. TRY will help your competency both at work and at home. It’s the TRY that provides, for all of us, the opportunity to find triumph, personal prosperity, results, pleasure, gratification, and PRIDE.
Invest in your TRY – The rewards, the return on that investment will make you, in your heart very rich.

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