One of my favorite vehicles in the world! 


Tugboats are typically small vessels that help much larger boats maneuver their way through tricky and restrictive waterways.

This runs parallel to and aligns well with what a CAREER COACH does. We provide the same support system for our students and clients. They are all, for whatever reason, navigating tricky waters and often need that additional help to get through safely and reach the destination of choice.  Finding the intersection points between you and your career choices are in so many ways like the big boat that cannot manage without the concurrent help of a CAREER COACH. It’s all about COLLABORATION. If these elements are not working in tandem, in sync you will find yourself in difficult waters and the ride can be bumpy. With the right ATTITUDE and team EFFORT, you will minimize the tidal waves and get where you want/need to go and get there in one piece.

Don’t be afraid to ask for the towline. Attach yourself to it and let the Tugboat help guide and maneuver you to your next OPPORTUNITY. 

Navigational Assistance
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