The countdown continues. In 1-3 weeks your kids are going to be College Graduates. Awesome for them and awesome for you! The 4 years of challenge, hard work, growth and development are now about to hit the next level of life. Now is the time to think about tomorrow. Do they have a job? Do they know how to find a job? Do they have the tools to complete the search process? Do they know how to use the resources accessible and get their lives moving forward?

This is what it’s all about – moving forward. If you are not moving forward, you are standing still or worse, you are moving backwards. This marketplace is too competitive to be inactive. Quite the contrary now is the exact time to be PRO-ACTIVE and make things happen.

Resumes, cover letters and developing your network are the point of focus now. This is the time to funnel your experience from school, internship and life and make a meaningful push to get things in place. Let’s find a job.

Job Search Therapy can be the key to open the door and get this process in place and get the graduates and entry level Job Hunter situated. Jimmy Levin will provide tools, courage, confidence and partnership that will allow and enable the Job Hunter to land safely and get on with their young life.


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