I think these 2 simple words can describe life pretty well. We all experience UP and Down. We all say it and we all have to learn to live with the ups and downs, as it really is a very common part of our day to day…..and LIFE.

When we are UP, all is well and the energy we experience as a result of UP feels pretty good – doesn’t it?

And then when we encounter DOWN, it can knock you out for a bit – Can’t it?

Some days, we can have it both ways. You get to work feeling pretty good and learn there is some emergency going on and before you can get your coat off, you’re knee deep in crisis control. Your job is to take a deep breath, get your head around what’s taking place and regroup. Stay calm and FIGURE IT OUT!

Try not to let DOWN rule your day, because when you or things are DOWN, remember, there is one place to go – UP!

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