TIME is always a major factor in all that we do. Looking for a JOB, LEARNING how to ride a bike, throw a ball, jump rope, get an education – doesn’t matter what it is, it will all be managed with the use of TIME. There are of course, many RESOURCES we can engage as we LEARN to do new things, find ways to IMPROVE, move our lives FORWARD and they must be utilized appropriately and effectively. I for one believe that TIME is one of the most precious RESOURCES we have. Our NETWORK is just as important and should never be minimized, but it will be your use of TIME that dictates how well you manage the PROCESS of UPGRADING who you are, what you do, where you do it and the VALUE you can add.

When you are thinking about a career – TIME will always need to be considered. You are not just relying on your own, but the TIME of others. Be mindful of that. Be considerate of that Be RESPECTFUL of that, as it is such a VALUABLE commodity and it passes so quickly, we don’t want to squander any of it.

The SECRET to finding a personal UPGRADE is TIME, use it – don’t waste it.

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