How can you measure success and what does it look like for you?

Webster’s says that SUCCESS is ‘the ACCOMPLISHMENT of an aim or PURPOSE’.

Throughout life, we all create OBJECTIVES and GOALS and typically that’s the force that DRIVES us from one place to another. No need to discriminate PERSONAL and PROFESSIONAL GOALS – They are in front of us for a reason and if you set them in place, make a CONCIENTIOUS DECSION to follow through and ACHIEVE what it is you set out to do. 

CAREER OBJECTIVES are just as important as the decision to say, lose 10 pounds, run a marathon or expand your NETWORK. If you set the mind right, get the ATTITUDE in a good place, do the research necessary to get your thoughts organized, you will no doubt – get it done! 

OUTCOME & VISION – What are your PRIORITIES? SUCCESS doesn’t come without a price. The recognition of what it is you are looking to do is rooted in COMMITMENT, TIME and your DEDICATION to finding SUCCESS. Manage your time well. It is too precious to waste. 

EFFORT will play an important role in your ability to succeed. Become your own master. Take charge. This is about you and your future – Own it!

There is only one person that can determine SUCCESS and that’s you. We all define it differently. We all have different CRITERIA that measure SUCCESS. It’s not the trophy, the medals, and the pat on the back, the money or any of the ‘tangibles’. No, it’s the TRUST you earn, the RELATIONSHIPS you create, the feeling you have because you know you accomplished what you set out to do. It’s the feeling of FULFILLMENT.  SUCCESS feels really good.

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