Being a kid from the 60’s, RUSH had a very specific meaning. It was something we all enjoyed. It was a biproduct of maybe getting high or it was riding the 1st gen skateboards down a hill at crazy speeds or maybe you were playing ball and, ‘BAM’ you hit a solid double or triple. There were and still are so many ways to get the RUSH….and there will always be. It always represented something GOOD.

Now that I am an established ‘working man’ I can still achieve the rush by helping a client find their way through the sometimes tedious and painstaking process of securing a job. Receiving an email thank you from a student that informs me that my coaching helped them land a job or a meaningful internship. I still enjoy the feeling. How can you not?

But RUSH has taken on a very different meaning for me these days. I seem to always be in a rush. Always in a hurry. I am too often in warp speed trying to meet a deadline. I am always referring to my calendar and thinking, how will I get all of this done? Pushing the clock, looking for ways to squeeze in an additional hour to meet my obligations, make the timeline, complete all the tasks in front of me and find satisfaction that I did my absolute best to ACCOMPLISH what I set out to do.

Moving too fast, fighting to make it happen, advocating for everybody, trying to protect my own sense of integrity because I want to get it all done, keeping all the moving parts moving can be an internal battle. Lately I find it’s not good for the body, mind, and spirit so I am working on TIME MANAGEMENT and attempting a new approach. Slow it down a beat or 2 and PRIORTIZE.

Because often there’s no RUSH from the RUSH.

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