Something new can be so exciting, like a new car, a new outfit, a new friend, a new relationship, a new haircut, a new puppy, a new job….the list can be endless. Every day is NEW, so that in of itself can and should be exciting.

NEW should for the most part embody something POSITIVE. Even when we are caught off guard, NEW can shift us from 1st to 4th gear just as quickly as 4th to 1st. Some of that will depend on how you perceive NEW.

Something recently made, something recently DISCOVERED is also NEW. Learning something NEW is meaningful and can change your life in many ways.

And then there is the other side of NEW, which represents CHANGE and most of us recognize that CHANGE can alter the dynamics of many circumstances and turn our lives upside down. It can happen in a nano-second. Can be good or bad, but CHANGE is for many, a very difficult thing to manage. NEW can be tough. NEW can be difficult. It can be merciless, and it can wear you down if you don’t pay attention to your NEW, it will begin to take command of you and no matter what your situation is, you must control your NEW.

So, when someone says, “hey what’s new?” Think about: Necessary, Exciting, Wonderful.

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