How many times have you heard people say that?

As a CAREER COACH, I hear it all the time and I am also inclined to reference it as well. As we all consider CAREER CHOICES, we need to look at the opportunities that we are best aligned with and if you are struggling trying to find that OPPORTUNITY, then you need to learn where these windows are. These windows are often a short period of time where you have a shot at taking action and find some meaningful RESULTS. And remember when that window closes, that OPPORTUNITY is gone. Maximize your TIME and learn to take full advantage of any and all open windows that can possibly provide you with a chance to move your PROFESSIONAL life forward. When that window shuts down, the outcome is no longer possible. Leverage time and work it on your behalf. TIME should not be taken for granted. It’s too precious. 

If you are a serious job hunter, you will be engaging a variety of RESOURCES. Your NETWORK, your SKILLS, your ABILITY to create a DIALOGUE, TECHNOLOGY and DATA will offer you an abundant source of WINDOWS to look in. But do not be a window shopper. Open it as much as you can and get a good overview of what’s inside. If you don’t take a peek, you don’t know what’s in there and once again, a missed opportunity. That’s an inefficient way to develop a solid CAREER STRATEGY and find the OPPORTUNITY you are ready to have.

Window of Opportunity
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