Wishful thinking by definition, is the formation of BELEIFS based on what might be pleasing to IMAGINE, rather than on EVIDENCE, RATIONALE or REALITY. It becomes a biproduct of your own internal CONFLICTS between your own belief and DESIRE.

Wishful Thinking can be driven by a strong EMOTIONAL mechanism that at times appear to be positive, constructive, and full of HOPE. And then there is the other darker side of Wishful Thinking – It can be driven by PROCRASTINATION as we sit back and wait for something to happen….and it doesn’t. The disappointment associated with WT can be devastating because we had our fingers crossed and wished for something to happen and because we invested nothing of substance, we come up empty. We all, at times find ourselves wishing for something. We have been doing it all our lives. Kids always wish for stuff. But really, so do adults. The thought that something you want to happen will happen even though it’s not likely can play with your mindset. So, at the end of the day, the best strategy is to MAKE IT HAPPEN. Drive, hard work, ATTITUDE, EFFORT, PREPARATION, PERSISTENCE, CONSISTENCY, positioning yourself for success are the best ways to convert the wish into your REALITY. What are you looking to accomplish? How will you get there? Do you rely on the wish, or do you rely on your beliefs in yourself, your strengths, your core, your self-confidence, your ESSENCE? Afterall, that’s what will make it happen – YOU. There is no wish in success. There is only the tireless belief in yourself. The sense of commitment. The show of DEDICATION and DILIGENCE. The idea that you can and will CHALLENGE yourself to be the very best you can. Exhibit a work ethic that separates you from the wishful thinkers and know that your 100% will outweigh a wishful thinker any day of the week.

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