No, it’s not a typo – It’s very intentional. Everyday we are all being challenged by the unknown, and with that, every day brings all kinds of SURPRISES that force us to remain calm, stay strong and utilize good common sense as we make decisions to get through each day. It’s so important to utilize the technology that we are fortunate to have, to stay CONNECTED. As we continue to remain in the home and have less and less real ‘touch time, it’s more important now then ever to connect with our family, colleagues, co-workers, friends and let them all know there is a support system available and it’s only a phone call, a Zoom Meeting, a Google chat, a Face Time, or SKYPE away. Please do not let the circumstances taking place push you away. This is the best time to be pulled ‘in’ and remain close to those that matter most.

It’s all about SURVIVAL. Change is a part of life and as we are confronted with changes, recognizing some are good and some are bad, we still need to stand up, face it and find our way. Embrace the opportunity to find your inner strength and learn from the experience. We are currently SURROUNDED by outside forces and they are SURREAL. We have no control over that, but we can’t SURRENDER to it either. Giving in/Giving up is the biggest mistake you can make. 

Think below the SURFACE and see what lies underneath. More promising times will follow as SURELY as I writing this blog.

As a career coach, I never sugar coat anything or make it superficially acceptable. I try and keep it real and make sure my clients have realistic expectations of what is in front and how they can learn from what’s behind. 

Many of us have a SURPLUS of resources that we can reach out to, a means to utilize data collection to provide quality information and now, by virtue of being housebound, we have more TIME. As uncertain as it is, use your time wisely. The unknown can put your head in a bad space, so reach out, ask for comfort, ask for help, ask for guidance and if anyone reaches out to you for any of the above – say YES SUR.

(I mean no offense by using SUR as an alt to Sir, with any exclusion of gender. I am using it ‘universally’ to make a point)

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