I attended graduation yesterday. It was fun and so energizing to be F2F again. These young people have accomplished something truly meaningful and now they are about to hit the road either with a destination in place or they are going to explore and discover their landing point. Like a sport, if you take your eye off the ball, you’re going to miss it. What’s the target? What’s the objective? What’s the PURPOSE driving you? Keep your eyes on all of that so when you do land – It’s a soft and comfortable land.

If you are CAREFUL and dedicated to the journey, chances are you will enjoy the ride and if you are CARELESS, you might just crash along the way. That’s where the purpose comes in. It’s your ride, so exhibit self-discipline. Be motivated. Be firm. Be ambitious and above all, be committed.

You have invested time, energy and money to get the education you did. You invested in yourself. There is no need to prove anything to others – No, you only have yourself to answer to. This is your moment to walk tall and demonstrate to yourself that all your hard work is going to provide RESULTS.

As you walk this new path, consider that you have everything in front of you. There is so much to be excited about, and despite your newly acquired degree and education, you are about to begin the next phase of education. Independence, life and career. Pay attention to EVERYTHING. Absorb it. Process it and as you do, you begin to assimilate and become a part of whatever your ‘NEXT’ is.

What will determine the outcome?  Be deliberate, be measured and be CAREFUL? Don’t be irresponsible, don’t be disorganized and don’t be CARELESS. The choice is yours.

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