What does AGE represent in the job market? It personifies different things for different people.

When it comes to career development, I work with such a diverse group of demographics. At the university, most of my clients are 18-22 and despite being, as they should be, focused on their education, they are still making all kinds of considerations about what their ‘NEXT’ will be.

And then there is the other extreme – Dare I say it? Older people…….

When I work with someone in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s the biggest concern for them is age. And for good reason. Age discrimination is very real and can put you at a disadvantage. If not psychologically, then professionally, but make no mistake, AGE can and will play a role in your own career development. College age, some might say – ‘too young’. And for the more ‘senior’ level folks, some will say, ‘overqualified, because they cannot say ‘too old’.

Given the reality of age discrimination, how will you manage this as you look to make the leap into another career move in your 30’s, 40’s 50’s or 60’s? To start, you will need to have a strategic plan. Know your target and know who you are. Where is your value added? How can you market yourself in a meaningful way, so the age is veiled?

Age should never represent you as too old, over the hill, venerable, ‘grey’, overaged, having nothing to offer or ancient.

Your AGE is an ASSETT. It represents EXPERIENCE and that’s your hook. You must make it clear that the experience you have is where that added value is.

You come with, what I call the LLC – Low Learning Cure. You can make the transition for your new company much easier because you do have so much practical knowledge, skill, worldliness, professionalism, and good old-fashioned KNOW-HOW. Leverage that and let them see, in you that AGE does not represent OLD. Quite the contrary, it represents Accomplished, Game-changing Experience.

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