How often do we refer to ‘going the distance’? How often have you heard, “can you stay late, we have a deadline?” Did you give it your all?

Can you convey and make it clear that’s who you are? Are you willing to do what it takes, what’s necessary to get ‘it’ done?

Every job comes with a job description. We look at those criteria and if it feels like a goof fit, we apply. If we think we align well, we apply. Either way, we go in knowing what the expectations are and we have no misconception that once we get the job, there will be those times, those days, those hours, those weekends that require MORE. And it’s up to us to deliver, because despite the job description, there will always be a call for MORE. No way to avoid it. That said, chronic ‘more’ can be a problem and that’s something to keep an eye on. That might not be healthy, but occasional requests are and should be acceptable. Doing extra takes no talent – It takes good common sense.

Are you willing to go the extra mile? Will you exceed the expectations? Can you see it through, and can you give not 100% but 110%? If you have an issue with this, you are going to have a difficult time keeping that job. This is what all hiring managers, supervisors, the ‘C’ Suite look for. Subtle little things can and will make a huge difference.

What all leadership looks for is simple. Can you see it through? Can you stay on task, get it done, no matter what it takes? It’s not just ADDED VALUE, sometimes it’s ADDITIONAL VALUE. Always exhibit the ‘can do’ attitude. Let them see in you what it takes. You are someone that will sacrifice when necessary to work OT, do more than the essentials, keep pushing, surpass the standards, outperform – You will do it and ‘then some.’

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