We all have them – Don’t we? There is no way to avoid them. They make us feel unhappy, uneasy. They stress us out and they make us feel lousy. There are so many trigger points that can cause a BAD DAY. Miss the bus, miss your train, forget to bring your completed assignment to school, get bad grades, left an important file on your desk, burn the toast, fight with your partner, make a bad play on the team, overdraft at the bank, forget to fill up the car with gas, late for a meeting, fighting a deadline or something really onerous…..I could go on and on, but what we all recognize and have in common is having a bad day happens. What matters most is how you manage that bad day. Are you going to really let it manage you? I hope not because if you do, you are toast. Identify the reason you are having a bad day and get a grip on it before it gets a grip on you. And when you begin to sort it all out you will begin to distinguish one layer from the other and determine just what the best course of action to take will be.

Not for me to minimize that sometimes, things just don’t go well, they don’t go according to plan, and unfortunate events occur, but at the end of that day, good or bad, you are in the driver’s seat. Afterall, it’s YOUR bad day so manage it and DO NOT use it as an excuse. When you have a bad day, try, and disconnect and reboot after you take a time out.

Remember, it’s a day – not every day. A bad day does not represent a bad life. You might not be able to control every day and its outcome, but you can control how you manage it. Show up, get your priorities in place, keep your mind right and know that tomorrow is another day. Good days, bad days – Embrace them all. They are yours to hold, yours to learn from and you get to try again tomorrow.

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