People always say – there’s no such thing as a bad question, and with rare exception, they would be correct.

Timing is everything. If you are in a situation where you must ask questions, you have to make sure you choose an appropriate time to do it. In the ‘heat’ of a moment, would probably not be a good time to ask a question.

Which leads to the other side of this – Mistakes.

With rare exception, mistakes are more than acceptable, as they are often the best teachers you can experience.

What better way to learn than by making a mistake? We all make them. If you are really invested in what you do, you will make mistakes. And that is a very good thing.

It’s not good if you do it frequently. That’s a sure indication that you are NOT learning and that will prevent you from moving forward. Advancing is the objective. Learning is the purpose. Intentions are to be set and than you target yourself.

If you plan accordingly – you will certainly need to ask questions, either to yourself, an associate or a superior. Never feel that you can’t ask for help. There is no shame in that and it’s the best way to be productive.

Initiate on your own can be effective. People will recognize it and respect it. Make a mistake – so what. We talk about it and we learn from it. The issue is not to find fault, but to find a resolution. What was the lesson learned? How can that help you going forward?

Screw up and be admired…… How cool is that?

Have doubt? Ask for help. Be inquisitive. It’s the best way, at any stage of career/life to become more competent and discover.



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