Everything has a core. Typically, we connect it to an apple, but when you think about your career path, your fitness routine, your lifestyle there are considerations toward your CORE. It is the CENTER of all things. The planet has a CORE. Many fruits have a core. Our bodies have a core and so does our brain. If the core is in shape, most of the other moving parts follow with a streamlined rhythm and manage to maintain a free-flowing, smooth and effortless plan. Career development is completely contingent on your CORE. Yes, there are other important aspects, but like most things it begins with the CORE.

When you are looking at job opportunities, you want to build off the core. What are your strengths? What is the essence of who you are and how will that provide the ADDED VALUE that a company needs? Strategic marketing on behalf of any brand, product, or service, which is what we are when we’re on the market begins with the core. Today, we don’t really do much without DATA. The data, the information is the CORE driver to success and GROWTH. So, as you begin to map out your career plan, it’s important to consider your ESSENCE, your SUBSTANCE, your fundamental QUALITIES, your essential parts, your PRINCIPLES, your CHARACTER, your NUCLEUS, your CORE. This is your CENTER. This is where your CONTRIBUTION is and that’s what you are selling. You are the Commander Of Relevant Experience – CORE.

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