In my line of work, I am in the coach’s seat. I am often the first line of defense, or depending on how you feel about it, maybe offense – But often, I am the one that my clients run to for help when they need to add something to their own career development. It does, at times carry a fair amount of responsibility as they depend on me for guidance, advice, a path forward, some leadership. Part of my job is to provide a sense of direction, some sensible set of instructions that will help them plot the course. I try to offer a level of intelligence that will add clarity to all of this. I can review who they are, what they do, who they have done it for and help them draft a great storyline that represents them in a meaningful and hopefully targeted way so they can move forward. Afterall, we don’t want to think about what’s behind us. We want to learn from that, but the effort should always lie in what’s ahead; keep looking up.

So now you have a good overview of what a typical day or work experience might look like for me and how I might manage a client.

And when that client distills all the information, all the resources, all their assets, they need to realize that they are the one to drive it. They need to take the lead. They need to take charge. They need to manage all of this. I don’t have the job or the opportunity – But I do have the ability to help them find success. Quite honestly, that’s my reward; their success.

Part of my coaching technique is to teach, to advise, to help prepare and to explain in a streamlined way what the best course of action can be. But at the end of the day – They must make it happen. They must DO SOMETHING.

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