It’s all about meaning. Is it meaningful? What did you mean? What’s the meaning of this? At times, great questions to ask and worth asking. If you don’t ask – What do you get?? Nothing…..

Meaning represents an explanation, a defined moment, a connotation. It represents something that provides some significance. There is a point to ‘the meaning’.

How you present yourself should have something meaningful behind it. If not, you don’t add much – Do you?  Did you mean well? Are you well meaning? What were your intentions? Your objectives?

You can easily kick back if you are a person of means but you will be dealing with a lot of anxiety if you live beyond your means. Professionally, there are those that mean business and at times to be successful, they need to be a mean machine. And of course, we all deal with people from time to time that have that mean streak or are just downright mean spirited. Who needs that? Meanwhile I prefer to be involved with people that mean no harm and mean no offense.

So, in the meantime, find within yourself, your own personal meaning and make it clear to those you engage with. There should always be a means to an end.

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