Job Search Therapy is a comprehensive approach to helping all Job Hunters, especially Entry Level find an appropriate and customized means with which to navigate through the process of researching, finding and securing a quality job.

Whether you are interested in career transition, the ‘next’ step or beginning your career sequence, there are a variety of practical and sensible tools that can and will help you streamline the process. I become an advocate and partner with my clients. JST offers an experiential and productive system that is modified to fit your individual requirements and career objectives. Together, we build a platform based on your needs, desires, skills, experience and talent.

Every Job Hunter has certain credentials that will, if managed properly, find it’s way into hiring managers hands and make the right impression to get your search moving in a forward direction.

You are the ‘BRAND’ and together, we develop a compelling story that will make the job search process easier, more fulfilling and successful.

You will begin to recognize your ‘added value’ and learn how to market that as you dig deeper into the job search. It’s all in the ‘differentiators’ that you present. Why are you a more desirable hire? That’s the question that needs to be addressed and answered.

JST will help you distinguish yourself, separate from the many and get recognized.

JST will empower you to present yourself confidently, display and exhibit passion for the environment you want to be in.

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