Sometimes life can be just that – HARD. We all process ‘hard’ in different ways. There are so many ways to think about this. What at times seems so difficult and overwhelming can in the blink of an eye be resolved and then what’s important is assessing the experience and LEARNING from it. That’s the best thing about HARD – What do we gain from it. You can look at hardships and take them for what they are worth….an OBSTACLE in the way. Some are temporary, short-lived and some can be life changing. Especially when it might impact health. And not for a moment would I minimize the significance of that, but at the end of the day, we still must deal with our HARD.

You can be hard working, you can be hardcore, you can be hardheaded, you can be hardwired, you can be a hard ass – Whatever your hard is – Deal with it and do all you can to turn HARD into some kind of meaningful experience that teaches you something.

And if its health related, career related or any other nasty event, take a deep breath, take a step back and rearrange your thinking so you can do your very best to convert hard into something positive. With rare exception, there is always some friendly and favorable thing in there for us to hold onto. You know – From bad comes good. Often that can be the case. Keep your eyes and ears open and look for it – it’s there.

Hard doesn’t always translate to easy, but with the right mindset, the right attitude, the right support, the right guidance you can self-influence and transform HARD.

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