Ships provide travel opportunities all over the world. They can be a great way to see and experience places you have never been or perhaps a place to revisit. Like other modes of transport, it’s a vessel to get from one place to another.

Ships present in many other ways – The key is to maximize the time and opportunity, so the ship doesn’t leave port without you.

The most important ship you have is RELATIONSHIP. This ship represents a CONNECTION between you and someone/something that, if managed well can take you on a long and hopefully, meaningful journey. It’s an ALLIANCE, a LINK, an ASSOCIATION that can open all kinds of doors.

If you are on the market for a job, a career change, or looking for a way to move forward, your NETWORK can and will help. Once you have established a relationship it’s vital to see the PARTNERSHIP and COMPANIONSHIP. You earn this through time and trust.

Early in the process, you might need to engage in some SALESMANSHIP and if you require an introduction through a mutual player, consider reaching out for the SPONSORSHIP.

Ultimately you are looking to create A FRIENDSHIP. Once you are in the ‘loop’, you are now part of a MEMEBRSHIP. Use it wisely and cherish it. Treasure it for what it is. Take OWNERSHIP of your network – It’s important collateral. You want people to see you as an asset. Your WORKMANSHIP exhibits skill and expertise.

Maybe the most important ship is LEADERSHIP. We all admire and look up to those that make good decisions and get things done. Good leadership provides DIRECTION. These are the people we want to ride with.

You never want to take advantage of your network.

If you treat it inappropriately, you risk some HARDSHIP and you sit and watch your ship sail.

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