There seems to be a lot about this in the news today. They continue to swing vertically and rapidly. Like all of us, I am paying attention as it does impact us in a very profound way. And then there is the other INTEREST RATE that I, as a career coach pay attention to. Especially when it comes to most of my client base – College students that are focused on their careers.

As technology continues to transform all that we do, it redefines everything every day. Relevant and recent – That’s something I tell students all the time. Make sure you are aware of the trends taking place in your industry of INTEREST.

Finding a quality internship or job will require a variety of skills, both hard and transferable. If you meet the criteria that the company you are targeting requires, they are INTERESTED in you and if you don’t, they will move on to another candidate.

When you graduate you will get a degree and many students feel liberated and think they are done. Nonsense! You are just beginning and because of the change’s tech forces, there will always be room for learning and growth expansion. INTEREST should be strong and give you reason to want to learn so you can be relevant. INTEREST is the quality of ‘exciting curiosity’ so it will hold your attention and allow you to stay ahead of the competition.

The best way to move forward is to look at your INTEREST RATES.

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