A conversation fills the space between the participants with the intent to exchange ideas, insight and progressively make a meaningful connection.

The discussion becomes an exploratory conference that allows us to consider, think about and process information.

Interviews are also nothing more than a conversation. When you are involved in an interview, there will, for sure, be and exchange of information, and, you will want to make a solid contribution, which in turn should create a strong image and leave the interviewer with a strong, positive opinion about what kind of person you are. You want to influence the conversation in a way that you become a consideration for the position.

How best to prepare for this conversation is up to you and how well you want to do. The more time you invest in understanding the interviewer and the company they represent, the more fluent in their language you become and, for sure, you will leave a better impression. Showing you have an understanding about this environment will ease the tension that is often associated with an interview. Remember, it’s just a conversation, so prepare for it. Do some homework. Prepare and familiarize yourself with the company’s mission statement. Know the client base. Know about the company structure.

The more you know – the easier it will be to eliminate the Q&A format and make for a meaningful dialogue. The objective, the goal is to get the job. Your research enables you to articulate in a language they will respond to.

Express yourself with conviction that shows them you are the right person for the job. That characteristic becomes a trademark and your fingerprint. You will be judged well and it should make you a serious consideration to move forward in the hiring process.




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