Today one of the most widely used terms in business and, for that matter, in life, is MULTI-TASK.

Frankly, it pisses me off, as I am not a big fan of MULTI-TASK. I have greater respect for someone that SATYS ON TASK and gets stuff done. I recognize there are exceptions, but multi-tasking will typically dilute the process of getting something or several things completed.

We live in a MULTI society. Multi-screens, multi-skills, multi-plex, multi-sport, multi-source and on and on……Multi can create distractions and will thin out the process of accomplishment. When you have a job, task or goal in front of you, why approach it from a place of weakness?

You want to begin with strength and be as durable as possible. When you add elements to the task at hand, you risk reducing the value, power and the speed with which to get the end result – Completion & Conclusion.

After all, the objective is to finish, find resolution, deliver on time and do it in the best time managed way possible.

Be aware of how much you take on and be cognizant of how you manage the time with which to get it done. If you find that multi-tasking is the only solution, then think about prioritizing and take care of the important, most significant stuff first.


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