You can consider pretty much anything you do by putting yourself ‘out there’. There are so many ways to manage ‘OUT’.

As life develops right before our eyes, be it your career development, relationships, a day on the field, on stage, being in the conference room, a quick meeting with a colleague, an interview; You will need to put it OUT there and look for the BREAKOUT moment that separates you from the others.

Relationships, especially in our professional lives require the ability to REACH OUT. We need to look at these connections as a value added to what we do, how we do it and recognize as we gain and earn trust, we look for a positive OUTCOME.

The success of building your network, both professionally and personally is an OUTSTANDING feeling.

Fulfillment requires clarity. It requires a defined perspective allowing us to move forward. If things are OUT OF FOCUS, it’s difficult to see what lies ahead and make progress. Most of this necessitates the ability to keep your head in the game and not become complacent and fall OUT OF PRACTICE. It would be an OUTRAGE to miss an opportunity because we are standing still and allow ourselves to become OUTDATED.

I for one like the idea of staying relevant, keeping a positive OUTLOOK on things, and looking for ways to OUTDO myself. Don’t overthink – Stay OUT of your own way.

When the ‘stuff’ hits the fan and it will, I try and remain calm, think about what’s taking place and not FREAK OUT.

As a career coach, I teach my clients not to look at SELLING OUT as a bad thing. Quite the contrary, it’s a great thing. It’s a marketing tool that allows them a chance to sell in, be OUTGOING so they can OUTMANUEVER the competition. Be OUTSPOKEN. Let them know you are OUT OF THE ORDINARY and WITHOUT a doubt the candidate of choice.

I am never interested in the many reasons why someone cannot do something. I am all about the one reason why you can do something. With that approach, that attitude, all I can say is COUNT ME OUT.

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