Need help – get a partner. Get an advocate. Find someone that you can talk to, share and exchange ideas with. Find someone that you can build a relationship with and develop a trust that will help you find your career path.

Many people, when they set out on the Career Sequence don’t have the tools to pursue it with any real sense of purpose or direction. Not uncommon, but why wander aimlessly when you can find someone that can really add value to the process? There are many service providers that can help you along the way. The right advocate can really provide the guidance, advice and support you as you begin to develop a road map and a plan, which is essential to finding and/or creating a successful career path.

If you have the ability to be an independent job hunter, then you are ahead of the game. However, if not, looking for a support-system that teaches self-promotion, self-branding, self-awareness and offers creditable counsel is not a bad consideration. A partner specializing in career navigation will also help you build confidence as you advance and dig deeper into the career hunt.

This kind of assistance should also provide an orientation that puts you on a track with purpose, develop a consistent approach and a meaningful course.

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