When do you know when to say good-bye? When do you say farewell, hit the road, look for the door, split, leave, resign – WHEN DO YOU QUIT?

Is there an appropriate time to throw in the towel? The corner man in a fight will wait until his boxer is getting the crap kicked out of him without retaliation. I think it’s much wiser not to get smacked around too much before one realizes things aren’t working out as we might have planned or hoped.

We deal with many things in life. Some cause pain and some give joy. Either way – we live with the process and take it as it is delivered. There are some circumstances where we feel we don’t have a choice or an alternative. Personally, I believe there are always choices. That’s what life offers – options.

It’s our responsibility to recognize what they are and when is the best time to take advantage of them. They are not always obvious. Often they require a great deal of effort and we work at creating some of these options. That in of itself is hard work. However, if you are in need of a change –   you take measurements, develop a plan and you act on it. We generate ideas, by authoring and constructing that plan. We take whats in front of us, give it a big hug, we show confidence and we go for it!

Everybody has a breaking point. We don’t need someone to tell us or advise us – now is the time. You will know it. When you can’t be pushed any further – you will organize your thoughts and resources and get the hell out.

Quitting, if done with the right intentions should be a new beginning – not the end. Embrace the changes.

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