Rejection – Nobody likes it. It’s always a bitter pill to swallow. From the time we are children and ask for something, anything, a new toy, a cookie, some candy, a chance to stay up just a little longer than normal and mom or dad say, ‘NO’, it’ makes us mad. Human nature – Nobody likes to hear that miserable 2 letter word – NO. It represents something that rubs us the wrong way. Fast forward and now you are an adult, and guess what, NO still represents the same thing. We just know how to process it better than when we were kids. But that doesn’t minimize the torture, the discomfort, the heartbreak, the irritation it might symbolize. But because we are older and smarter, we can manage it better…..Hopefully.

Personally, or professionally, we encounter NO often and all we can do is work with it, make the best of it, and move on. If you let NO manage you, you are toast. You must manage it and put it in the best place possible. Easier said than done – I know that and so do you, but for the most part, what choice do we have? It’s all about the perspective you maintain. YES, typically rises to the top more often than NO so think of your success rate and let that help you move on. When NO hits you in the face, think of N.O as not NO but, NEXT OPPORTUNITY. So much healthier to put some things in the rear view and just move on.

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