Are you? If not, at some point, people begin to see you for who and what you are. And if you are not RELIABLE, people will either disconnect from you, disregard you because you are not to be trusted or dependable. And if we are talking about work, being unreliable will surely catch up to you and it will most likely cost you your job.

Reliable simply represents people that have trustworthy qualities. They are consistent and we know that they will get ‘it’ done. Reliable and TRUST work hand in hand. These are our ‘go-to’ resources in all walks of life. Trust isn’t something to be minimized. It is one of the most important qualities we can EARN, and we earn it by being RELIABLE. Can I RELY on you and are you ABLE to help?

Reliable is synonymous with RESPONSIBLE, STEADY, SOLID, AUTHENTIC, SINCERE, HONEST and EFFECTIVE. Personally, or professionally, these are the attributes we all want. They are your badge of recognition. They represent you. If you have these qualities, you will, rightfully so, be recognized for them, and you do become the resource of choice. You are accountable. You own it. You take responsibility. You exhibit a true sense of commitment. You are an effective communicator. You show a head for details. You take initiative. And you develop, because of all of this, a great REPUTATION. And with all that, your reliability earns you something we all want and covet – RESPECT. But make no mistake, it takes time to establish. The best baseline to begin that is being RELIABLE.

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