Great words to live by – RIGHT NOW defies something we are all guilty of from time to time, procrastination. We are all confronted, because we are all so busy, with too many things to do. We do the best we can to prioritize, manage things well and try not to compromise the ‘to do’ list. I often feel guilt when something gets pushed back. I will do all I can to get it done right now. I prefer knowing that things are moving along and getting done.

Sometimes we take it under consideration. Sometimes we stall, delay, put things on hold, look for any excuse to just not do it…..whatever the ‘it’ is.

I’m more interested in thinking in the ‘now’. I am in the ‘present’ and I don’t want to logjam my already long list. In the moment is where I like to be. But trying to be immediate, trying to be pronto, thinking ‘on the double’, trying to manage in the NOW can get in the way of all the things that must get done. And sometimes we rush. We push too fast. We’re too quick and don’t think it through. We’re abrupt. We lose patience and in no time, we screw up. Mistakes can be costly, in time and money. Right Now, can translate into problems if you don’t control the pieces of the puzzle and that’s what the ‘to do’ list can be – a puzzle. So many moving parts that need to be assembled neatly, efficiently so we can take a step back and consider all that has been accomplished. And all because you heard the inner voice say, do it RIGHT NOW.

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