When it matters most, and we consider our CAREERS it’s so important to recognize where our real ADDED VALUE is and how can we become an asset to the company we are targeting. We research the market, we engage in tools like Linkedin, Glassdoor, Simply Hired, Indeed and the many other search engines out there that post opportunities for all to see.

And, along with your NETWORK, it’s typically the 1st step in the process of CHANGE.

When you review the job description and the requirements you determine if you are an appropriate candidate….or not and then you apply. The resume speaks on your behalf, and should the hiring peeps see in you what they need, you can expect a call. That ‘phone screen’ can be the opening of a door that you want to enter. What will make an impact on that call? There will be some standard questions, you will answer to the best of your ability and based on that, the hiring manager decides to move you to next step. An INTERVIEW.

Skills are significant. Do they align? Do you provide the symmetry they are looking for? All important stuff, but never minimize POTENTIAL. Nobody knows everything and with very rare exception, no one matches the job criteria 100%, so what can support you is your POTENTIAL.

Your ability to learn quickly, your proficiency for adapting, your capacity to gain a fast understanding to new culture, exhibiting an awareness that speaks more than skills do and showing a true sense of commitment will add substance to your case and if delivered well leaves an impact that ‘this candidate has great POTENTIAL’.

Your skills are acquired through PRACTICE, PERSISTENCE, REPITITION, KNOWLEDGE and HARD WORK. Your potential comes from what lies in your heart. Messaging your potential to a hiring manager is an important part of the hiring process and if you do that well, you have a great shot at moving forward. POTENTIAL represents possibilities. Show them you are CAPABLE and know that your POTENTIAL can drive your future.

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