Everybody wants and should shoot for the ‘A’ list. Why wouldn’t you? AFTERALL, it’s where the fulfillment is. Whether it ATTACHES to our professional or personal life, we should ALWAYS look to ACHIEVE everything that we can and we should consider ALL the best ways to ATTAIN and realize our dreams. If you work hard, go ABOVE and beyond, ASSOCIATE with the resources you have AVAILABLE, finding the ‘A’ will be your reward.

It’s ACCEPTABLE to fall from time to time, but you control what’s in front of you. Things might not APPEAR as you thought, but you can push things forward and with rare exception, you can ACCOMPLISH ANYTHING you set your mind too.

Stay strong. Do not ABANDON your ASPIRARATIONS. Stay AMBITIOUS and press all the buttons you have. The control panel is yours.

ACCESS your network and the relationships you have. They can and will ASSIST you as you begin to map things out.

ACT. ASK APPROPRIATE questions. Look for ANSWERS. Listen, process, and learn.

If you have objectives, a purpose, goals, an intention, a destination, all you need to do is AIM for the stars, APPROACAH strategically and you will ARRIVE.

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