It’s challenging to change and it takes courage.

All change has the risk of failure but it should also have the excitement of something new with the possibility of the ultimate feeling – Doing something different and achieving NEW SUCCESS.

A career change can really rock the boat and it can remove you from your comfort zone. That cultural shift can be daunting. However, if you approach things with the right mind-set, you can make this process rewarding and put yourself in a position of great strength as you build your confidence knowing you, A) committed to making a change, B) did it with little resistance and C) moved your life in the only direction worthwhile. FORWARD. That, at the end of the day, is what it’s all about. Moving forward.

You are the commander of your change. You decide when the time is right. You decide what is the best direction. You decide what is the best plan. Research your market. Know your market. You make decisions based on information. You plant seeds. You harvest and have a successful crop with which to implement a plan that you can embrace with confidence. You begin, because you have done the work, to believe in yourself. That energy will transmit itself as you meet with people and look at your new possibilities.

If you do plan properly, you can comfortably communicate in a meaningful way and your message will be heard – LOUD AND CLEAR.

The secret to making the change is recognizing your threshold. Only you can determine the timing. Motivated by the ‘need’ for a change or the ‘want’ of change will be the key drivers. The signs are there. Pay attention to your status. Give a good listen and get your head around where you are and where you want to be.

Don’t over-think it. Just do it. Transition should complement where you are and where you will be. Experience becomes your layers of

accomplishment and success. Self-motivation is and should be the fuel that drives your change.


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