In order to conquer your fears you have to confront them head on, directly and with complete control.

Be confident and exhibit consistency. Think about your position in the workplace and think about your added value and the contributions you can make.

You must begin by keeping an open dialogue and create conversations with the people you work with. The ’talk time’ will continue to show where your sense of commitment is and connect you to the people, process and place you work.

As a communicator and as a listener, you must think about ways to eliminate congestion within the workflow. Bumps in the road will create contours, concerns and congestion – you need to make a conscious effort to smooth that out.

Don’t confine yourself with self-doubt. Don’t let something new and outside your comfort zone confuse you. On the contrary, initiate and concentrate on solutions that will reduce internal and external conflict. Don’t rely on convenience – push yourself.

No body loves what they do all the time. However if you can conduct yourself in a meaningful and productive way – the results should be conducive to personal and professional growth. That, at the end of the day is what it’s all about. Growth, experience and moving forward. And, should you feel the need for additional help, you can always consider reaching out and have a consultation with someone that can con vey alternative thoughts and ideas. Never restrict yourself – use all resources available and then you can congratulate yourself for playing the CON GAME.




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