When you are looking for a job, make no mistake – You are the brand, the product, the service and like any brand, there will always be competition. What makes us drift towards a brand? Cost, taste, fit, peer pressure, personal connection – There are many reasons that drive us to or from a brand. We need to identify what works and what doesn’t. Target yourself appropriately….no different than what a brand will do. What’s the message, the narrative behind the brand? Does it convey a meaningful message? If it does, there will be an interest and if it does not – We tend to move on. Human nature to do that. At the end of it all – Do you add value? Will you make an impact?

As a brand, what do you stand for? Are you authentic? For better or worse, today, everyone is a brand. Whether you are applying for a job, asking for a promotion, a raise, or writing a dating profile, your success will depend on getting others to recognize your value. Your story is yours. Own it, embrace it, and understand how you fit in the marketplace.

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