How many times a day, a week, a year do you ask – Then what? Everything we do is a PROCESS, and a process requires steps that need to be followed. Best protocol on that would surely be, ‘one step at a time’. Getting ahead of yourself typically doesn’t help.

So, as we diagnose our agendas, our issues, our problems, our situations (good or bad), the predicaments, the OBSTACLES that too often land right in front of us, we typically will ask, ‘THEN WHAT’? What’s next? What follows? What’s to come of all of this?

Our job in life is to manage all the changes that we are confronted with in the best possible way. If we don’t manage the CHANGE, we are toast. We must manage it. We must try and take control of what happens today so we can take the lead for tomorrow. It’s our universe to master.

All the external noise will impact how we look for solutions. Find the best resources you can and use them wisely. Be smart how you take the plunge because sometimes, ‘then what’ isn’t always something that can be defined. Sometimes answers take time. And with each question we might ask, we keep the dialogue moving by asking, with the right intent, then what?

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