Well, my daughter is back at school, the evening skies are a tad darker at an earlier hour, the temperatures are also cooler in the evening and I actually saw Halloween candy on display at one of the big stores this weekend and all I can think of is that summer is definitely in the home stretch. As much as I love and look forward to the fall I am always sorry to say good-bye to summer. There is something about summer, even though I don’t take one that always makes me feel like vacation….

But here we are – Labor Day on the horizon and surely the time to think about getting back on schedule. We are less involved in beach, pool, the park, outdoor activities and BBQ’s after Labor Day. Somehow that becomes the threshold for summer transition to fall and despite the long days and the feeling of summer fun, we need to get our head back into ‘work’ and being productive.

All it does is validate another example of time management. We don’t all have the luxury of managing our schedules. Often, we have someone telling us how to manage the clock, which is a bi-product of having a job or returning to school. But not to worry, as ‘a job’ and ‘school’ are a destination that provides or should provide purpose. We all need the objective, the target, the reason and point of view to get us moving. Motivation is the fuel and as we wind down the summer, begin to minimize the outdoor activity and get more into the ‘inside’ activities, it becomes more apparent that we maximize our time efficiency and stay productive, pro-active and get things done.

Hope you had a great summer. Enjoy the Labor Day break.



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