Looking for the easy way out? Stay in your comfort zone and all that you do will be smooth, have a low degree of difficulty, probably lack growth potential, decrease your motivation, and allow you an opportunity to remain in the same place. Bad move!
Looking for a way to move your life forward – remove the comfort zone and challenge yourself to move way beyond the familiar. These are the things that will push you and keep you moving.
If you look at the word encourage, you see that it ends in COURAGE. That’s what it takes to push you out of the comfort zone, so I encourage you to think about what you do, where you do it, how you do it and then kick yourself in the ass and get moving.
The more you test yourself, the harder you push, the harder you drive yourself, the more movement you create in your life. If you relax too long and get to comfortable in that comfort zone, you will see people around you moving forward leaving you in a trail of complacent dust.
Don’t self medicate – Self-MOTIVATE. Motivation is a critical element to achieve your goals and one goal should always be to remove yourself from the comfort zone. Have a strong desire to improve.
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