Tics are said to be caused by genetics or some undefined neurotransmitter disturbance. Can be triggered by some sort of anxiety, fatigue, stress, happiness, or excitement. And pretty much all of us have some type of ‘tic’.

Not to minimize the more serious variations, I like to see ‘tic’ in a different way. Let’s begin with OPTIMISTIC. Clearly a better place to be when you begin to analyze who you are and where you are heading. Personally, or professionally, you can serve yourself well with a positive TACTIC. PESSIMISTIC can wear you down.

But remember, wherever you are heading, have REALISTIC goals and objectives. Look for ways to create a FANTASTIC journey. Try and eliminate the DRAMATIC BS that might just get in your way. Life presents enough obstacles – You don’t need to make more. Be honest with yourself. Be AUTHENTIC and should you create that path, remain ENTHUSIASTIC and keep it all SIMPLISTIC. Avoid the DRASTIC. Avoid being STATIC, keep it all fluid and look for something that aligns with your ability to keep it AUTOMATIC. Life is HECTIC enough – Don’t be hard on yourself. Be SYMPATHETIC; do we really need to be our own worst CRITIC? There is POETIC justice in finding an ARTISTIC solution to all the stuff that does get in the way. Look at your core, your essence, that one single most MAGENTIC CHARACTERISTIC that gets you through. I don’t want to be a FANATIC and maybe I am IDEALISTIC to believe that having certain tics might just be a great NARCOTIC.

People rely on the OPTIC that is you – Be INDIVIDUALISTIC and let the world see you and your TICS.

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