If you were to look it up, you will learn, if you don’t already know, it’s a ‘troublemaker’, a ‘little devil’, a ‘mischievous maker’ or on a happier note, an ‘elf’……although they have been known to cause trouble as well. Either way, an imp is something or someone to be aware of. And then there is the prefix, IMP that can lead us into all kinds of territory.

IMPOSTERS and IMPERSONATING someone that you are not, especially when you are looking at career development or considering relationships isn’t something to be proud of. That’s the best time to be authentic.

And you don’t want to IMPOSE on anyone when you are considering creating a conversation to drive your career or that relationship forward. The IMPLICATIONS of that can push people away and networking is too IMPORTANT to risk that.

Best to keep it above board and exhibit IMPECCABLE behavior. It would be IMPOLITE to do it any other way no matter what your IMPULSES might be.

When you are trying to move anything forward, don’t be IMPATIEINT as that will only IMPEDE the process and the last thing you want is an IMPASSE.

Bad behavior will only IMPAIR and IMPACT what you are trying to accomplish.

I IMPLORE you to consider this; Any process requires some form of IMPLEMENTATION so think it through and be strategic about it.

Remember, nothing is IMPOSSIBLE. The end game in all we do should be to IMPROVE.

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