A common expression that people often use and for some reason, as I am also very familiar with it, I didn’t really understand it. I am not a fan of ‘I don’t know’ so I take the research road and ‘find out’.

Interesting results about our furry and rather large friends in the woods. Humor me – BEAR with me as I share.

I am not a big investor but do have an awareness of the BEAR market and know to be cautious.

And should my investments suffer from time to time, I have learned to grin and BEAR it.

BEAR in mind when times get rough sometimes the best medicine is a great big BEAR hug.

We all experience those tough times and as we process, it it’s best to manage things as best we can. Nobody should BEAR the brunt of it. No, stay in control, get your stuff in order, do what is necessary, get prepared, be loaded for BEAR.

Relationships are a goldmine. They are to be cherished, respected, and should hold great value for all of us. You build these relationships by exchanging heart, thoughts, services, and if you do a good job, you BEAR fruit and BEAR witness to something very special.

Maybe relationships take time to curate and occasionally you might hit a contentious spot….BEAR with it and do not BEAR a grudge.

Relationships are the BEAR necessities in life.

We can learn a great deal from BEARS. They represent strength, endurance, patience. They are known for humor and familial qualities. They are loyal.

I will wind it down now as I am hungry as a BEAR and need to eat.

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