Most of us, from an early age are confronted with the concept of creating goals. Parents, teachers, coaches, employers and friends will often tell you in order to be successful; you will need to set some goals. Despite what many of us thought growing up, they were right. It’s important to set goals because they challenge us. Once you set a goal, you put some pressure on yourself to achieve and accomplish and as you master the things you set out to do, you become a more desirable hire and you will increase your self-confidence.

I am a huge fan of change. Not for change sake, but for personal and professional growth. Change creates opportunities to set new goals and learn more ‘stuff’ and the more ‘stuff’ you learn, the more experience you have and EXPERIENCE is the key to the door of a successful career path.

Ask yourself, ‘what’s important and what do I want to accomplish?’ Knowing your goals should provide you with a better sense of direction to make good decisions along the way. My job, as your Career Coach is to help you navigate the ride and reach your destination. Share your goals with me and I can help you reach them, but you must initiate.

There is no question that GOALS will get you thinking about what’s in front of you. Goals should inspire ambition and should be driven by passion and a desire to IMPROVE.  If you don’t have a destination or a target, how will you get there? Never see GOALS as an obstruction. They are better seen as an opportunity for personal and professional fulfillment.

As you think about your goals, conquering them, sharing knowledge, it should put you at your peak performance which is all about establishing MOMENTUM and ultimately will MOTIVATE and INSPIRE those that you work with. Your personal satisfaction and success becomes added value to your team and is measured by everybody’s success.

And, by the way, should you set goals and NOT achieve them, you still have the advantage of a wonderful LEARNING EXPERIENCE that can still have some reward and enrich your life in many ways. Not having any goals is worse than not setting them. Give yourself something to AIM for.

G.O.A.L – Growth Opportunity and Learn………

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