It’s very NORMAL to be NERVOUS when it comes to seeing or even considering what’s in front of you. Not talking about road hazards – No, I am talking about the career hazards that are in the way. If you let them get in the way, slow you down then what you are really doing is, getting in your own way. Take control of the career wheel and drive at a speed that suits you and your goals, your objectives, and your dreams.

It’s NORMAL to be NERVOUS when we are dealing with the unknown. That can be scary. It can paralyze even the most confident individual. It’s the darkness, the unknown that will always give us the stop short, the screeching halt because that next step forward has that unpleasant feeling of not being in control. That’s exactly what you want. Let that fear and anxiety drive you forward. Use it. Leverage it and do what NEEDS to be done – Move forward. Afterall, that’s where all the fulfillment is, making progress. Advance and develop who you are toward something better, more complete and find the destination that will offer you something meaningful.

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