How many times have we instinctively looked for the panic button when the ‘stuff’ hits the fan? Common practice when things start to bomb – we freak out and before we know it, the anxiety of the situation, whatever it may be begins to take over and we lose control. No matter how ‘cool’ you are, there are moments that just overwhelm us, we get those nasty knots in the tummy and that can push the anxiety juice right into the brain….at WARP SPEED. One of the worst feelings is when you are so freaked out and feel you have no control and you just don’t know what to do. 

It creates a sense of fear. We become apprehensive. We get tense. Worry adds to the tension and solves nothing. There is no resolution, no way to move forward. Freaking out can paralyze us to a point that despite how rational we are, no matter how smart we are; it just gets in the way and slows down our professional and personal growth. And, that my friends, is no way to manage who we are, what we do and why we do it. There are, with rare exception, always things to be learned form something that will cause us to FREAK OUT and that’s what life is all about. Every problem should have some solution. How we manage the Freak Out will determine what the experience will be and get you on a path for IMPROVEMNET. Life is a build. Take your time and look for ways to make PROGRESS. You determine the speed with which you BUILD. You establish the cadence. Don’t let all the outside NOISE get in your way. Take a deep breath, think it through and before you FREAK OUT, FIGURE IT OUT!

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