If you are going to take this ride, you will need to be a master of COMMUNICATIONS. Effective Communications can be and will be the fuel that pushes you to your DESTINATION. Clearly as you begin to map out the CAREER journey there will be a few things to organize before you hit the road. Data; the information that takes you from one place to another is a good place to start. If required, a CAREER COACH can be, as I like to tell my clients, the GPS that helps navigate the entire trip. I am like the travel agent that suggests best places to visit and the best practice to help get you there.  PREPARATION is something that you will need to load up on as well and as you begin to EXPLORE and DISCOVER ‘places of interest’, you then set in motion a good, concise plan that establishes the best route to take. All of this will be meaningless if you cannot CONVEY who you are, what you do, where you do it and why you do it, and that all boils down to having the ability to COMMUNICATE effectively. COMMUNICATIONS is what bridges the gap between you and ‘them’. 

COMMUNICATIONS is your opportunity to present the INTERSECTION POINTS between you and them. Let them hear you. Let them know you will ADD VALUE. Whoever ‘they’ are, you need to present a clear message on your behalf that engages and builds an interest in you. If there is no IMPACT in the COMMUNICATIONS, there won’t be any interest in moving forward. 

The POWER of WORD, the ability to COMMUNICATE well is the root foundation of SUCCESS. It’s not always what you say, sometimes it’s how you say it. How you present it will also encourage people to LISTEN and if the message is a good one then you have done the right thing and doors will open. 

Before you hit the career road, load up all the provisions necessary and make sure the communication tank is full.

The Power of Words
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