How often have you tried to project, forecast, get ahead of yourself, predict, speculate, and even guess what tomorrow brings? We all do it. We are all guilty of doing this. Can be as simple as wondering what the extended forecast is so you can determine will you keep your plans for the family BBQ, the soccer game, your day at the beach or just meeting a friend for a walk.

You want to PLAN AHEAD. Not a bad thing to do and sometimes having some information and insight on what does lie ahead can help us PLAN.

Again, I repeat – WE ALL DO IT.

And despite all our prognostications, there is no guarantee that things will work out as planned. Uncertainty will always weigh in and guess what – You cannot control any of that. This applies to all aspects of life. Work, play, personal, professional and leisure activity are all subject to the unknown, the undetermined, the secrets that sit there waiting and the mysteries that we cannot possibly anticipate.

We all loosely use that expression – STUFF HAPPENS and because that isn’t something we can control; we should be flexible and ready for disappointment.

When I consider this, which I do often, it always leads me too TODAY.

What does TODAY look like? I want to embrace it, work with it, make the best of it and not always concern myself with what I cannot control.

Have a great day!!

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